Rederi AB Uman is a pure family run company.

Rederi AB Uman was founded in 1952 with one ship on 315 DW for transport of general cargo between Stockholm – Umea – Stockhom it was bought to Karlshamn 1960 which was later changed to present, and is now hailing from Hellevik.

M/F Maybe was sold 1970 to Denmark and another ship was bought from Holland, the new ship M/F Fiducia could carry cargo of 340 ton.

M/F Fiducia was sold 1977 to Cook Island were it is still believed to carry cargo such as food and water in between all the islands. M/F Nettelill on 640 DW was bought from Denmark and was sold again 1979.

The first M/F Sterno was bought 1979 from Denmark and was sold again 1984 to Swedish buyers.

M/F Seto was bought from Germany 1984 and were the be the second Sterno. M/F Sterno went straight into a shipyard to be converted into a completely self unloading cargo ship, the first of it’s kind. The shipyard used was Fartygsmekano in Helsingborg.

The reconstruction of M/F Sterno was finished in October and was set into traffic straight away with a loading capacity of 1300 ton, coastal traffic 73 000 cuf.

The next ship to be bought was M/F Schwanek in 1990, which straight away was sailed to Stettin (Poland) for reconstruction to a self unloading cargo ship. This ship is now called M/F Hellevik.

The next ship to be bought and converted was bougth 1997 from Sweden “Aros Force” 2200 DW, this ship now called M/F Listerland was also converted to be selfunloading by the same shipyard in Stettin (Poland) as M/F Hellevik.

These three ships sail today mostly as feeder ships from different locations to loading places for reloading to “world wide tonnage”. They also transport fuel pellets, soya flour, rapeseed and rapeseed flour. We are also transporting for different malt companies for there usage of corn.


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